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The lifestyle of a lover of good music is an individual enjoyment of music when music and a listener are enjoying it. HiFi audio is what allows you to plunge into the world of music and enjoy it. In today’s world, sometimes it’s not just to isolate oneself from others or combine music with everyday activities and Staccatomusic will help you learn more about music and audio equipment.

Who we are?

Staccatomusic.org was created in 2019, as a platform for all lovers of Hi-Fi/High End and portable equipment.

On the site, we try to provide a wide variety of information regarding the best sound and music, recommendations for selecting audio components, principles of installation solutions, etc.

Why trust Staccatomusic

We always keep up to date and take into account the interests of all our readers. From those who love analog (vinyl) sounding and to those who care about the simplicity, convenience, and speed of receiving, storing, and playing, their favorite music and cinema. We are focused on people for whom music is not just sound.

The team of our company consists of highly qualified specialists. Employees of AVComfort always with the knowledge of the business will tell about the advantages and possibilities of the presented exclusive equipment. News and review feeds of the resource are examples of the work of a highly professional editorial staff and in-depth expertise in thematic areas.

Our team

Joseph Meador, Global Editor-in-Chief

Turning his hobby into work is what Joseph Meador was able to do.

Ever since studying at the Hutchinson Community College at the Faculty of Technology, he realized that warm analog-sounding was his passion. Tube amplifiers, phono amplifiers, and vinyl turntables have become an integral part of life.

And now, Joseph Meador is projecting his experience and his involvement in every article on the site. The articles created by him describe this or that aspect in the smallest details, and immediately it becomes evident that a professional who understands the topic worked.

Adam Rippy, Editor

Adam is the person who combines the creative personality and thinking of an engineer. And this is clearly seen in each of his articles, where the approach to the description of the technical part is made as interesting as possible for the reader so that it would be simple and clear to convey complex topics from the audio interface.

This is not surprising since Adam Rippy was educated as an electronics engineer at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

And after meeting with the “backstage” of musical equipment, he had a desire to create his own sound.

So since 2010, as a hobby, has been creating and processing music for short films and cartoons and has not ceased to please us with cool articles on staccatomusic.org.