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Looking for the best speaker stands? It might be tough to find one. There are so many things to pay attention to. For instance, you need to consider weight capacity, size, material, height, and many other things. Well, let’s start with something more simple.

Why do you actually need a speaker stand? The main reason why people buy it is the desire to get a better sound. These tools significantly help cut down on audio reflections, tweak sound staging, and create surface isolation. On top of that, it is much easier to position audio when you have such a unit.

The next thing I want to tell you about is why I decided to write this review. The point is, modern shops provide users with hundreds of options some of which look completely different from each other. As I am an experienced user of such tools, I know that parameters should be considered first and what the real difference between certain models is. Here I am going to share my knowledge with you. Trust me, you will not find this info in any other speaker stand reviews.

Our pick
Best Speaker Stands
Kanto SP26
Best Speaker Stands
Get the most out of your speakers with the SP series. Each stand is built with heavy-duty steel to reduce undesirable vibration and features a hollow core to conceal cables and speaker wire.

Best Speaker Stands Reviews

Kanto SP26 – best overall

Kanto SP26

Let’s start with this excellent model that is one of the best speaker stands I have ever used. It is built from 15 pounds of solid metal and feels super sturdy. This unit can reduce unpleasant vibrations created by lower frequencies remarkably. In this way, Kanto SP26 improves the overall sound. The rubber pad covering the top plate feels nice, it also provides grip and even some vibration isolation.

You can place these on practically any surface in your house including a carpet. In any case, the pinpoint isolation feet will provide maximum stability. If you have a wooden floor, don’t worry – it will not get damaged. Kanto SP26 comes with foam-lined, metal anti-skid feet for hard surface protection. When it comes to design, the finish of the model is a matted powder coating, which is standard for most stands around this price. The generally very sturdy construction can easily hold quite heavy speakers that weigh less than 30lbs. Actually, I’m incredibly happy with the minimalist design of the model as the focus is more on the speakers.

The model is perfect for perfectionists as it allows a user to conceal the wires for a nice-looking setup. It also helps to minimize wire clutter which is also great. The unit can be used with YU4 and YU6 powered speakers. However, let’s discuss some other options as well. The top plate is 4.5 inches wide, which makes it perfectly capable of holding Bose 201, Samson Resolv, and YUMI.

SP26 speaker stands provide you with the possibility to place your speakers at ear-level, giving you the ability to pick up every frequency they have to offer. If you asked me to describe these speaker stands briefly, I would say simple to assemble, stable, and attractive.


  • Rotating top plate guarantees that your speakers are angled perfectly
  • Comes with interchangeable top plates
  • Available with a black or white powder coated finish
  • The top plate can be easily inclined to meet your needs


  • Top piece wobbles
  • The screw that is meant to couple the speakers to the stands doesn’t provide enough tightness

Pangea Audio DS400 – best for large speakers

Pangea Audio DS400

I highly recommend this model to those who are looking for decent speaker stands for large speakers. The DS400 is a high quality steel tool that can hold the speaker tightly for awesome music performance. The carpet standing is amazing also because it has the adjustable bottom spikes. The base plate is a little heavier compared to the previous models created by this manufacturer.

Speaking of the sound improvements provided by this unit, it has four rubberized top pads for speaker isolation. The stands I am telling you about are equipped with super sturdy support piers and thus it offers a rigid base not only for small monitors but also for bookshelf speakers. In fact, these are among the best bookshelf speaker stands. To make the model even more stable, you can fill four support piers with sand. In any case, the steel support piers form a very strong rectangular support structure for enhanced audio performance.

The model is absolutely ideal for both amateur and professional recording studios. It works well with compact speakers as well as with large monitors. The manufacturer placed piston-type drivers inside a conventional loudspeaker. They move back and forth which creates sound waves in the air. Maximum recommended speaker weight for these stands is 120 lbs/55 kg (each).

I can guarantee that you will notice the sonic advantages of Pangea’s adaptation of the Pangea Audio DS400 construction technique. There is a significantly improved image focus and low mid-range coloration. Moreover, the unit offers optimal bass performance.


  • Features extra heavy duty 9.9″ by 12″ bottom plate
  • If you do care about the design, you will be happy with Pangea Audio DS400 as it looks stylish
  • Sturdy large-diameter solid bolts tightly couple the support columns to the base
  • Difficult to assemble


  • Despite the high price, they don’t offer any new features

VIVO STAND-SP02B – best budget


Now I suggest you take a look at the versatile premium metal and glass VIVO stand that is designed to fit all kinds of speaker systems from different manufacturers. These are the best budget speaker stands. As I mentioned, the shelves of this design are made of incredibly durable glass, and the VIVO STAND-SP02B stand has a beautiful glossy look. The first thing I like about this unit is design. The stands are elegant and even glamorous in some way. You will notice that the company used lots of creativity into the great design. Such an outlook makes VIVO STAND-SP02B perfect for any home theater system.

If you want to improve your sound dramatically, I recommend buying these best speaker stands. The model in question is supported by a sturdy aluminum post and can hold up to 22 pounds each. Let’s discuss the design features. I think you care a lot about the stability of the stands. The fact that the model has carpet spikes for a solid base on most surfaces should be good news for you. Speaking of technical aspects, the total height from the floor to the top shelf is 23 inches.

Cable management is not your cup of tea? You will not bump with any problems using VIVO STAND-SP02B. Designed with internal cabling to keep power and audio cables clean. I’ve used the stands on carpet with a fairly deep pile and I can assure you that the carpet spikes do the job perfectly. If you have a hardwood floor and are afraid of scratching it, you can easily remove the spikes.


  • Due to the extremely strong construction, you can place the model in highly trafficked areas, without being worried that a single touch may knock the stands down
  • You can use them with a broad range of speakers, as they fit most models
  • With a height of 23 inches, these fantastic stands were created to hold the speakers at the level of your ears for excellent sound experience


  • Platform and base get scratched easily
  • You cannot adjust the height
  • If you need to lift and move the stands, you might be limited by the length of the audio cable

TransDeco TD32BA

TransDeco TD32BA

Such speaker stands are ideal for those who want to find something affordable but well-designed. Let me tell you about this amazing 32-inch high, nice-looking stand built with black tempered glass on the lower plate. The stand features spiked feet, which can be removed as you wish, and a special cover to protect the hardwood surface.

This design allows the speakers to be securely positioned on uneven surfaces and reduces sound distortion. You’ll also find a padded pad for added stability and a built-in cable management system so you don’t have to mess around with wires every time.

What I really liked about this model is the ready-to-assemble design that takes a minimum of time and effort to set up the model. The rest of the specs are fantastic – 7.1 “x 7.1” on the top panel and 10 “x 12” on the bottom, and the payload is surprisingly high at 150 pounds for a net weight of just 34 pounds. The unit is equipped with adjustable feet to work on uneven floors, improve speaker performance and reduce audio distortion.

Important note: I noticed that it is impossible to drive the screw deep enough to fit on the top plate. In my case, it remained with the provided corner bumpers. So I found a solution: buy taller dampers with a narrower head.


  • The premium quality of steel and glass
  • Comes with gum caps to cover carpet wedges when you do not need them
  • Can accommodate speakers of any size


  • Speaker wire holes can cause problems when filling the posts with sand

Buyers Guide

Do speaker stands make a difference?

You might think that your bookshelf is also good for placing the speakers. Nevertheless, there are some important reasons to use special stands for it. The greatest drawback of using sideboards, TV-boards, and bookshelves for placing your amazing speakers is… surfaces. The thing is, they can be a reason for some reflections that colour and destroy the sound image.

Some say that the main benefit of speaker stands is that they are able to securely fix the speakers. Yes, stable stands will certainly keep the speakers from falling and protect from damage. Nevertheless, these are not the most important things. The biggest benefit of using stands is added distance between your speakers and surfaces. In this way, such units are eliminating the excessive vibration that often damages the sound. They often help to get maximum natural depth and purity of audio.

Stands are just what you need in the low-frequency area. The thing is, this part of the frequency spectrum is omnidirectional. This means sound is more likely to be damaged by different surfaces around. Speaker stands also often have containers that can be filled with sand, which makes it possible to balance the vibration of the speakers and ultimately reduce it to zero.

What is the best height for speaker stands?

Stands give you an opportunity to set the direction of the sound. In this way, you can get the most impressive audio experience whether you’re using your speakers for surround sound or simply home theater. At this point, you might be asking yourself how to place the construction in the right way.

When you are choosing speaker stands, pay attention to its height and the possibility to adjust this parameter. Ideally, your speakers should be placed at approximately ear-level when seated. Many musicians claim that such a position will provide you with maximum pleasant audio experience. It can be explained easily. Such a height is able to align the tweeter and subwoofer with the ear which leads to getting fully balanced audio. Most speaker stands on the market have height about 20-30 inches. I would advise buying units with which you can adjust it.

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