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Everyone knows that in ordinary computers or laptops, the sound quality is not at a high level. This is because most of the users are not very picky about the sound quality, which is why the manufacturer focuses on them.

Thus, those who care about sound quality have to look for their solution in the form of audio interfaces.

What is the audio interface?

An audio interface is a device that connects your computer to your microphone. Most computers have a built-in audio interface in the form of a 3.5 mm microphone jack, but the sound quality you get from this connection is poor when it comes to recording music.

Audio interfaces come in all shapes and sizes and are usually connected to a computer via USB or FireWire.

What is the audio interface for?

When it comes to tasks such as sound recording, mixing, or working with virtual synthesizers, the capabilities of the integrated sound card are no longer enough.
Thanks to narrowly targeted use, audio interfaces got a much more powerful stuffing from the hardware part. Here and its DSP processor, and a higher sampling rate (48, 96, and even 192 kHz), and 24-bit capacity.

They also have built-in preamps that amplify the signal of your equipment to a linear level.
In that case, if you play the electric guitar, then you can find there an instrumental input with an analog preamplifier.
Since such devices are designed to process a signal from audio equipment, the degree of amplification should be quite high, you only need to compare the requirements of your equipment and the capabilities of a particular model of the audio interface.

Also, the most modes have high-quality audio outputs for working with recorded sound and the ability to directly listen to sound (direct-monitoring) to control the quality and level of recording without any noticeable delay, which is typical for built-in sound cards.

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