Home Headphone amplifiers Do I need a headphone amp?

One of the common questions with casual audio listeners is ‘Do I need a headphone amp?’. In fact, almost any audio device that serves as a source of sound and a headphone jack has an embodies amplifier. That is the detail that makes the headphones play perceiving and transmitting the signal of the source.

Impedance of audio devices

But the sound quality differs if one uses a player and headphones of various impedance. If you have a high impedance headphone, it will deliver a better sound quality with corresponding players. In order to achieve loud volume and clarity with low impedance portable and mobile devices an amp is a must.

Compatibility of audio devices

So to decide whether you need a headphone amp consider the output you will use for headphones and their impedance. If you use a low impedance source like a portable player, a laptop, or a mobile phone, and headphones of a higher impedance than your source, you will need an headphone amp.

It is also a necessary device for professional use for it gives more clarity of sound for critical listening and audio recording.

Who does not need a headphone amp?

A headphone amp is usually unnecessary with headphones of in-ear wearing type and wireless headphones as they work well with portable and low-powered devices being designed for them.

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