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Audio amplifier is an electronic device that increases low power electronic sound signals to the rate that is enough for reproduction of the speakers or headphones. Audio amplifiers may be found in a variety of sound systems including home stereo systems, music instruments, guitars, etc. They are the concluding step of a typical chain of audio reproduction before the signal gets the speakers.

What is a tube amp?

Headphone tube amp is a type of electronic amplifier that contains vacuum tubes to increase the range and power of audio signal. They have been mostly used until the 1970s. Then they have been substituted by transistor amplifiers that have lighter weight, cheaper, more reliable and easy in service.

Field of use

Headphone tube amplifiers are still popular with a narrow field of professional users and amateurs like Hi-Fi enthusiasts, audio engineers, and music producers. For example, they use vacuum tube preamplifiers for warming up in studio recordings for the signal of a microphone. Many electric guitar players and bass players use tube amps. They consider tube amps to deliver higher quality sound. They are heavier and harder in service but many professionals prefer them considering them to deliver warmer sound quality reproduction.

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