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Are you thinking about maintaining your unique records’ collection clean? It is to be dust-free. All background noises are to be eliminated. Additionally, prevent sensitive stylus wear. However, why do you need to use homemade solutions? Water, soft cloth or brush suit most of the cases quite well. The best vinyl cleaner is efficient even against mold and oiling. Do you agree to run the risk? Let’s check if it’s justified.

Why vinegar?

Actually, vinegar is a perfect natural cleanser. It’s green and efficient. Additionally, homemade vinegar solution is safe for breathing, non-toxic and quite affordable.

The acidic liquid is produced as a result of ethanol oxidation or fermentation. It consists of acidic acid (5%) and water (95%). The solution is famous for its antibacterial properties. Its pH level is only about 2.4. So, the acid is strong. It kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Additionally, the organic acid works well on oiling and heavy grease.

Therefore, vinegar is commonly used for cleaning:

  • glasses
  • bathrooms
  • vinyl floors, fences, siding

Is vinyl available in records similar to the one, used in flooring? The nature of the material is definitely the same. It’s classified as a PVC material, called “faux leather” However, the vinyl that compiles your cherished records is much more delicate and sensitive. It can be cleaned with vinegar. However, some care and caution are necessary.

Downsides of using vinegar for cleaning

Do you still insist on using vinegar? White distilled solution is acceptable. Other types of vinegar, such as apple cider, rice or balsamic are used for cooking and baking purposes. They contain a lot of natural particles.

So, if you clean the records with vinegar, it may:

  • promote mildew growth
  • eat up aluminum parts of the cartridge
  • create an acidic environment.

Acid is corrosive to cantilevers or carts. All items that are made of aluminum are vulnerable to acid attack. Wash the solution off after cleaning. The record surface is to be dry. Meanwhile, the best vinyl cleaner is completely safe. Why don’t you use it?

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