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Do you keep your phonograph disks clean and dust-free? It’s vital. Their condition may impair the premium sound quality. These terrible dust particles, setting in the grooves add unpleasant cracks and pops to your favorite songs. Additionally, your cherished records can be damaged. The debris may destroy the fragile stylus. What can you do in this case? Quite naturally, the best record cleaner helps you if the platter arrives completely soiled. Meanwhile, orderly vinyl maintenance is indispensable.

Records impurities issues

Have you got a new, unique record? It had to be crystal-clear. However, if the disks are antique or they arrive from an unreliable recording studio, it can happen. The surface is commonly spoiled by:

  • fingerprints
  • static
  • scratches
  • debris

Try to be careful, handling your records. Rotate them gingerly, touching the edges. Otherwise, hold the record tenderly by the paper label. The oil from fingerprints spoils not only the look. It eats into the surface, degrading your cherished disks. Dust is very common and it’s so undesirable. It settles and remains in the grooves. Owing to the chafing and friction, produced by the needle, the dust particles hit the grooves’ walls. How to get rid of the dirt?

Disk cleaning methods

As to the old records, several safe methods exist. They are called:

  • dry
  • wet
  • deep

Dry cleaning supposes application of a brush. It is to be beneficially made of carbon fiber. Antistatic properties are quite opportune. This way, you sweep dust and debris away.

Wet cleaning allows utilizing of a damp cloth and the special-purpose solution. Select the best record cleaner, as it’s safe and gentle. It should not discolor the surface. Vacuuming the platters is also possible. However, you would need a special machine and the nozzle. Meanwhile, be careful with alternative methods and liquids at hand. They can impair the record’ grooves and impact the sound.

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