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Have you already got the turntable you like? What about sound quality? The cartridge can impact it. This mechanical device is extremely important. It’s responsible for converting vibration into a perfect electrical signal. It will become the sound later. A loudspeaker system performs it. However, you would need the best phono cartridge if you are an audiophile.

Cartridge parts

Look at the turntable. It’s ready to play. The cartridge is already available. It was installed and calibrated in beforehand. Upgrading it is possible. It offers you an affordable and easy way to improve the sound quality.
So, the key cartridge’s parts include:

  • the body
  • stylus
  • magnets
  • coils
  • cantilever

Will you change the tonearms? It would be not necessary. Focus on the wires and the headshell.

Replacing the old cartridge

What are the essential tools? A screwdriver and flat-nose pliers do the job. Is the task challenging? It seems to be easy. However, try to avoid sloppiness or shaking.
So, to remove the cartridge:

  • loosen the screws
  • unplug the wires
  • check the wires’ colors.

There are 4 cables inside the tonearm. Each one is marked by a certain color. Be careful with the wires! They are fragile! Hold them by the sleeves. Commonly, the sleeves are plastic. Otherwise, pull them out by the metal connectors. Do it by pliers or simply by hand.

Mounting the new, advanced cartridge

Have you already bought the best phono cartridge? Look on its back. There are 4 letters that indicate the wire colors:

  • G-green
  • B-blue
  • W-white
  • R-red

The stylus guard should stay on. It lets you not to damage the tiny part. So, now attach the wires, matching the colors. Mount the cartridge. Insert the screws in the slots. Thread the nuts. Don’t tighten the screws yet. Before doing it, you are to set the alignment. A protractor helps you. The stylus has to be centered. Now the screws can be tightened. Position the counterweight. Are you glad about the results? Listen to music and enjoy the perfect, clean sound.

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