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The topic is controversial and a bit fun. Why don’t you keep the disks dust-free? Don’t you listen to music every day? As a matter of fact, the grooves are extremely sensitive. The surface seems to be sleek. However, it’s not completely smooth. Just use the best record cleaner. It’s safe and efficient. The other solutions are at your own risk.

Gels and liquids not to clean the records with

Why do people try to use homemade solutions? Their affordability is not a good justification. The products ever used by amateurs at the delicate records’ surface include:

  • toothpaste
  • dishwashing soap
  • furniture polish
  • shower gel
  • light fluid
  • rubbing alcohol

Abrasive cleaning agents are not acceptable. They can leave permanent scratches. Perhaps, tiny grains can polish the available scratches. However, how can you estimate the particles’ sizes?
Meanwhile, rubbing alcohol can harm the record. Especially, if the solution is pure. It dissolves the coating. The surface becomes grey or discolored. The shine disappears. Will it sound great afterward? I would doubt it. Even if every 70th record from your collection is damaged during the cleaning, it’s not worth it.

Types of alcohol

What do we call alcohol? This name can be given to:

  • isopropyl
  • ethanol
  • methanol

The matters used as components of detergents may be corrosive. They are designed for certain materials and surfaces. For example, the ones that dissolve oil can be harmful to plastic and vinyl. Methanol is toxic. It’s poisoning and unacceptable to drink. The matters we can drink seem to be more sparing. Some drops of solutions added to water are comparatively safe. However, are they efficient to wash the dirt away?

Distilled water is evidently safe. It can be used to remove dust and debris. Soft cloth, both dry or wet, can’t hurt the grooves. However, in the case of heavy oiling, use the best record cleaner. It removes even the stubborn soiling. No residue remains. The records remain clean, shiny and unscratched.

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